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      How to upload photos

      A simple guide to uploading photos.

      You’ve chose your gift, now the fun part starts…. Uploading your photos! There is multiple ways to do this and below we will show you how you can upload your photos and start creating your personalised photo gift. You can create your gift using a mobile, tablet or a desktop computer so we will show you the different methods.

      Follow our basic steps to uploading your photos using a mobile, tablet or desktop.

      1. Adding your Photos

      Once you have chosen your gift, you will be taken to the designer. This is where you can start uploading your photos and creating your personalised photo gift. In the bottom left hand corner of your device you will see a blue icon tagged “Please add some pictures”. See fig 1. Once you click this a screen will pop up with the different methods you can upload your photos. See Fig 2.
      Uploading methods

      2. Upload Methods

      Upload – This allows you to upload images directly from your device. Once you click this, you will enter your devices photo storage. Simply click all your favourite images you want. It may be just one image you need for a Photo slate or twelve individual photos for a personalised calendar, you can add as many as you need to complete your gift.

      Upload From Another Device – This is where the software gets very clever! Clicking on this will bring a QR code up on your screen. From here another device can scan the code and upload their images to your project. This is great for couples who are creating a Photo Book of their travel memories and have lots of pictures on two devices. Once the QR code has been scanned from another device, a pop up on their device will ask to add pictures. See Fig 3 You can then start selecting images from the other device. See Fig 4. Once you have selected your photos, click done and you will be notified that your photos have uploaded. See Fig 5. Your images will then show on the device you are creating your project. This also works well when you are using a laptop or desktop computer. You simply scan the QR code with your phone and you will be able to add pictures directly from your phone to your computer.

      Upload from another device

      Facebook / Instagram – Upload pictures directly from your social accounts. Once you click the Facebook or Instagram logo, simply login into your account and then start selecting pictures from your albums.

      Upload from existing projects – If you have created or started a project in the past you will be able to use pictures from them. Click on the existing projects icon, if you haven’t already, you will be prompted to login. Once you have logged in, you can then access all your previous projects and start selecting any images you wish to use again.

      3. Adding your photos to your project

      Autofill -You’ve uploaded your pictures, what’s next? We need to start adding those pictures to your project to create your personalised photo gift. Sometimes you may just be in a little hurry, so the quickest option is the Autofill method. Clicking this, our software will automatically add your photos to your project, All you may need to do after, is to just check that your images are where you want them, and they fit perfect. This is a great tool if you are creating a Photobook or a Calendar, it gives you some extra time to add any more finishing touches to your project.

      Drag and Drop – This option takes a little longer than the autofill method but it’s the best way to personalise your gift the way you want it. Just drag each image individually into an image box and from there you can crop the photo to fit perfect.
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